Another Day, Another Blog - Aka Struggles of an IT Architect on a Mission to Revamp It All

Deep to their hearts, it is clear to all that change is inevitable. In particular when your customers change their behaviour as they do. All part of an ongoing “digital disruption”.

Don't disrupt their productivity, stupid!

I am sure you already have heard and read a lot about digital disruption, unless you just woke up from cryosleep.

Being aware of the need for change and being able to change however are very different things.

Well, delivering change is tough, in fact people are not great with change, urging us to carefully manage change.

This blog talks about typical challenges I have encountered on my transformation journeys. Partially it feels good to articulate them. Partially besides some ranting there is that you might recognize the situations and patterns - and find good ways to manage your way with these.

Besides I am testing out a static website generator called Hexo. Static content is great and cannot be valued high enough.