Roles Are Not Forever

Roles are like diamonds - every single of them is precious, none of them is forever.

During the course of any project and in particular the complex ones it’s pretty common to switch hats.
Sometimes you are project managing, next minute architecting the solution, developing (parts of) it, doing press release management, run some marketing or sales show.

Would anybody find this a sign of incoherence or lack of continuity? I wager not, and more than that being able to fulfil more than one role when needed is what every employer is looking for.

The sweet irony however is that this is not reflected when it comes to hiring.
Most people, certainly recruiters, assume that your only aspiration would be to “get hired up the hierarchy”.

That might be the case for some individuals but those who take pride in their knowledge and skills care less about “impressive” job titles but rather opportunities to grow and excel.
That could very well happen by going with a title that is not “on par” with your current. I mean, why not?
At the end of the day it is just a matter of switching roles like you should be able to as a flexible person who is not good at one thing only.

One of the rules of leading is that a good leader knows exactly when it’s time to follow - and is indeed as good a follower as a leader.
If you truly understand this it should come only logical to you that “stepping down” is not a matter of “giving up” or acting on “not being fit for a role”.
It’s just a matter of changing gears. Quite to the contrary, if you are not able to change gears you should not ever be in lead anyway.

So do not judge to quickly and show some reason. Don’t assume everybody is in it for the hierarchy ladder game.
And those who really are should not be the ones you are after. Seriously.