Helping to Turn Things for the Better

Have you ever thought about giving back? There’s much to do - and small things can mean the world to those in dire need.

Less talk, more action please!

Well, why not get some inspiration over here and participate on a Facebook page I set up to collect some thoughts around this.

You are using your skills, your knowledge and your hard work for all sorts of benefits, every day. Benefits for you, your employer, maybe some individuals here and there.
How many times do you feel like there have to be more ways to give back?
Return the favour of being in a position that allows you to thrive, which comes to society and your family as part of that backing you up.

What are we going to do?

Brainstorm about the things we can do to make a difference. The next time we meet up we’ll build something, putting ideas to action. Developers looking for a challenge and inspiration are highly welcome, all ideas shared are for everyone! Take them home, tweak them, go and have fun.

What ideas are we talking about?

Pretty much anything that helps the people. Be creative.
To get you started, think of an online job place for low educated people, a platform for free education for children and teenagers implemented by lectures (videos) with different subtitles, a well done nanny service for working parents, devices and tools for people with special needs. The list could go on and on and you might have some great ideas that are entirely different from these examples - looking forward to hearing them!

There are indeed many ways to give back. It seems to be something that we do haven an urge for, if you see Mr. Buffett just chipping in 3.2 BN $ “for charity”.

You might not have that kind of liquidity, help you can regardless.
If you have some great initiatives to suggest, please let me know! Happy to discuss with you anytime. Thanks for stopping by.