How to Architect Azure

I am not biased when it comes to cloud computing. In general I am not biased when it comes to architecture. (Any architecture needs first and foremost to be fit for purpose, right?)

Let’s get ready for a multi-cloud future!
AWS? Check. Azure? Check. Wait a minute, Azure certification? It’s not as straight-forward as with AWS but once you know your way around you can get there.

I have compiled some practical tips on what to expect, how to pass the 70-534 exam. Check out my article on that and get a head start into your next certification!

Important to know: There is no thing like a static overview and learning guide for any of these cloud certifications and Azure ones are no different. This technology field is constantly changing and evolving - so do not try to scrap as much as you can but rather get yourself informed about the latest and greatest!

Enjoy! I am happy that my article resonates well, after all it’s a direct reflection of my own trip to certification. One that is absolutely worth it.