Facebook Chat on Your Own Website

Bots are good fun for a while now, arguably overhyped. There is a rationale nevertheless to be present where your consumers, your prospects, the one who care about anything you have to offer are.
In that sense, going with a service with more than 1.3 BN addressable recipients is tempting - and now the service comes with one more great capability.
Facebook Messenger is one of the most successful messenging services there is. Be where your customers are!

You now can have Facebook chats on your very own website. You have to have a Facebook page and your domain needs to be whitelisted within the page settings. And that is pretty much all it takes.

Use cases for chatbots are many and even more for on-site chat. They could for example aid your customer service. This is not saying human service agents should go away, but what prevents you from mixing and mashing automated and non-automated services?
After all, on-site chat support is quite common. It’s easy and convenient, fits to the way people communicate on a daily basis. No surprise adoption is great.
On-site chat support is already common

Try out my chatbot right here on this very site and see what the on-site experience of Facebook Messenger Chatbots looks like!

Of course I trust you have even better ideas how to put these bots to use on your own sites.
What are you waiting for? Get started now!

Happy 2018 everybody!


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